My American Idol Experience!

It was a Sunday afternoon. I had already went to church, read my horoscope and began to relax at my studio. I ran across the advertisement for American Idol’s cattle call auditions on Facebook. I figured “Why not?” considering the inspirational message from church and also what my horoscope said “That I would come across an opportunity that would be worth it”

Showing up to Jack London Square I noticed the line wasn't long. And that most people in attendance were teenagers and artist from out of town. No local singers from our music scene here showed up. At first I questioned if I was making the right choice by auditioning, then I remembered that it could be worth it. So I wait line…

It wasn't long before I went before the judges. They had five tents, with two judges to that sat behind a desk. The contestants which stood in groups of four in a row. Called to sing one by one from each group. At the same time. Finally, when its my chance to sing. I was tired and but ready to sing. So I sang “Forget You” By Ceeloo Green. As soon as I open my mouth to sing the first line, the entire place went silent. When I finished my song I got a cheers and standing ovations from the watching crowd of parents and idol fans in the background. I was the only one to receive a ticket to go on to the next round from my row.

After feeling out paper working telling “my story” I got asked to go to LA for a private non televised audition. I went to this audition, accompanied by my friend and fellow musician Casey Mattson. Who hosted me for the evening in LA and played for my second audition. I was told before I came down that I couldn't audition with the Ceeloo Green song because he doesn't lease his music to reality tv shows anymore, since leaving The Voice. So, we performed a song we wrote called “Freaks N’ Love”. Which they loved! But they wanted to hear something upbeat. So I sang Superstition by Stevie Wonder. I got through! The producers said they love my style and voice.

Lastly, was the televised audition. That was the busiest and craziest weekend. On the day before the audition. I had a gig in the city in the early morning performing for DayBreaker SF. Then I had to teach my students pk-2nd in Belmont. After that a make up appointment then finally a long train and bus ride to LA. I arrived at my hostel at 3am and got 2 hours of sleep for before, heading to stand in line at the Televised audition.

I love the experience. The producers were so nice and encouraging. It wasn't until I got to sign-ups that a producer pulled me as side and said “ we received the licensing for you to sing Ceeloo Greens song. And we want you to sing it the original way. We are already prepared for bleeping. I was honored. I felt like I was given a lot of attention from the cameras and producers that day.

When I enter into the room with the celebrity judges the first thing they have me show them is my dance moves. Then I sang just like I was asked by the producers. The judges reactions was not what I was anticipating. They loved my voice (Katty Perry and Bryan both included me on they’re Instagram stories) but reacted comically to the song. So I sang my original Reppin Da Struggle. Katy Perry’s first comment was “Listening to you is like a spiritual experience” and Lionel Richie said that I have a voice and something magnetic. Katy also said “ I feel as though you've taken a huge step back by trying to come on the show…That you should already be developing my own following, traveling, and selling out venues.” She looked into the camera and gave me a shout out saying “someone please represent this artist”!

But when it came down to making the final decision it was a no. I was told that American Idol was looking for artist that they could change or “develop” . Also the contract that I would be bind to wasn't friendly for independent artist. Katy shared that American Idol is just a reality tv pop competition show. Not an agency or management company.

I was encouraged to go to New York audition for Broadway and start from there.

I learned a lot from this experience. I have not stopped entertaining. Are continuing to expand.

Thank you for reading please post any questions below.